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Community Partnerships

Saturday, November 12th, 10:30AM-12:30PM

The workshop on Community Partnerships, co-led by Rebecca Amato (Director of Teaching and Learning, Illinois Humanities), Kerry McLean (Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation), and Marianne Magjuka (Executive Director, Office of Civic & Community Engagement at WFU), will focus on research and best practices for developing sustainable partnerships between university faculty and local area communities.  The workshop will offer guidance and address questions for faculty venturing community facing research and teaching based on the work of NYU’s Urban Democracy Lab and WFU’s Office for Civic and Community Engagement.

Creating Community-Academic Partnerships Rooted in Trust, Authenticity, and Shared Power (Urban Health)

Saturday, November 12th, 10:30AM-12:30PM

This workshop, co-led by members of the Urban Health Lab (UHL): Nicole Thomas, (Director), Emily Seeburger (Data Analyst), Andre Reid (Community Coordinator), Kehinde Oyekanmi (Project Manager), Abby Dolan (Project Manager), will describe the Urban Health Lab as a model for establishing and implementing community-relevant research agendas and authentic community partnerships. Using an interactive group exercise participants will explore the power of their shared community and collaborate to create an actionable agenda to make a collective impact.

Community Storytelling  

Saturday, November 12th, 12:45-2:45PM

The workshop on Community Storytelling, co-led by Nicole King (Director of the Orser Center for the Study of Place, Community, and Culture) and Ivan Weiss (assistant professor of the practice in WFU’s Journalism Program), will explore how communities represent themselves through film, podcasting, and writing, and will focus on strategies for creating equitable partnerships among faculty and community.  Based on King’s work with the Baltimore Field School, and Weiss’s work with the Boston Thurmond neighborhood, the workshop will also discuss funding, distributing, and archiving community stories.  

Participatory Action Research

Saturday, November 12th, 12:45-2:45PM

The workshop on Participatory Action Research, led by Yasser Payne (Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, University of Delaware) will focus on the practice of working with community researchers.  Participatory Action Research is based on the principle that using researchers from within a given community to gather data will result in much more clear and honest answers from the study participants, and can guide academic researchers’ critical agendas and methodologies.  

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