New Grant: Professional Development Grant for Humanities Departments and Programs

July 9, 2018 12:00 am - August 31, 2018 12:00 am

To substantiate innovative faculty research and scholarship, and to increase faculty access to new trends in publication, the Professional Development Grant for Humanities Departments and Programs funds up to $5,000 for the visit of a professional consultant to meet with a department for 2-3 days. The consultant will work with faculty on an agenda determined by the department or program Chair and related faculty. The consultant will likely be a significant scholar and or/press editor in a relevant discipline, though applications can make the case for other specializations. The consultant may work with all faculty in the department or program, or smaller groups of faculty (e.g., recently tenured faculty working on second books). The consultant is not expected to engage across departments, though they may at the Chair’s discretion. Rather, the focus on a specific discipline and/or field aims to strengthen Wake Forest faculty’s connections with relevant scholarly innovations in the profession.

This grant award is open to all humanities departments, language departments, and interdisciplinary programs with a substantial humanities curriculum. It is expected that Chairs will gauge interest among their faculty before applying. To apply, department or program Chairs should present a rationale for the program, including the faculty who will likely participate, and address how a consultant will help the department or a group of the department’s faculty. The application should include correspondence with the consultant indicating willingness to participate in the program, as well as the consultant’s professional qualifications and CV. Applications should include a detailed budget. Applications will be received on a rolling basis and should be sent directly to Humanities Institute Director, Dean Franco (