Humanities for Our Future

This year, as a follow up to last year’s symposium, Humanities for Our Future: Envisioning the Heart of Humanities Education, the Humanities Institute is convening a seminar for local K-12 educators and WFU faculty in the humanities. The seminar will meet regularly to discuss short readings that address the purpose of the humanities, and to review sample lessons (or learning exercises) in an area of the humanities that seminar participants wish to present for group discussion and constructive feedback.

The seminar’s overall purpose is to convene a year-long conversation about why we teach what we teach in the humanities, how we teach, and what we can learn from one another as we reflect on the ways we engage students at different points along their educational experience. We hope that the conversation will enable all participants, college and K-12 educators alike, to gain a better sense of what and how students learn over the course of their humanities education, and to develop as effective educators and advocates for humanities education.

Seminar Members

  • Elizabeth Barron (Romance Languages, WFU)
  • Alan Brown (Education, WFU)
  • Stuart Egan (West Forsyth High School)
  • Mary Foskett (Study of Religions, Humanities Institute, WFU)
  • Robin French (Summit School, Upper School)
  • Adam Friedman (Education, WFU)
  • Larnitha Hunter (Assistant Principal, Ibraham Elementary School)
  • Betsy McNeer (Summit School, Upper School)
  • Joe Milner (Education, WFU)
  • Mary Pendergraft (Classical Languages, WFU)
  • Michael Pisapia (Politics and International Affairs, WFU)
  • Jessica Richard (English, WFU)
  • Chris Sabolcik (West Forsyth High School)
  • Emily Satterfield (Reynolds High)
  • Kathryn Steen (Sherwood Elementary School)
  • Emma Thacker (Education, WFU)
  • Leigh Walters (Assistant Principal, Wiley Middle School)
  • Richard Watts (Principal, Winston Salem Preparatory Academy)
  • Chris Wiley (Reynolds High School)