Michelle Voss Roberts Receives NEH Award

voss robertsMichelle Voss Roberts, Acting Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Theology, WFU School of Divinity, has received a Summer Stipend Award from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Roberts received the award for he project, “Body Parts: Re-visioning Theological Conceptions of the Human.”

Here is the project’s abstract:

What is a human being? Dualistic body-soul anthropologies have reigned since Plato and Aristotle. Humanities scholars have attempted to repair these schemes and appreciate embodied differences, but they have seldom drawn upon alternative conceptions of the human. This project looks to the Indian philosopher Abhinavagupta, who imagines thirty-six “body parts” ranging from physical elements to the highest unity of consciousness. This exercise in intercultural theory addresses the shortcomings and exclusions of the body-soul paradigm by naming denigrated parts, including the elements, organs of sense and action, and even limitations, as integral to a contemporary view of humanity.

Congratulations to Dr. Voss Roberts!