Looking for Faculty Collaborators?

The Humanities Institute is preparing to issue in late April a new Call for Proposals and anticipates being able to fund up to five, year-long interdisciplinary faculty seminars in AY 2014-2015 (more if some seminars opt to meet for just one semester). The CFP will include guidelines for proposals for both new and continuing seminars. If you are interested in helping to submit a proposal for a potentially new seminar on one of the topics below, please visit this link to contact the appropriate faculty. The priority deadline for all faculty seminars (new and continuing) will be in late May.

Beyond “Gay Day”: Integrating Gender and Sexuality into Humanities Focused Teaching and Research
Whether you already bring women’s studies, queer theory, LGBT studies, and masculinity studies into your work or are interested in doing so, faculty in this seminar will workshop ongoing research and syllabi in an effort to convert gender and sexuality silos into transformative critical lenses for disciplinary and cross-disciplinary work in the humanities.
Contacts: Angela Mazaris and Mir Yarfitz
mazarise@nullwfu.edu; yarfitmh@nullwfu.edu

Contemplative Studies
Interdisciplinary study of contemplative practices and theory with a special emphasis on the relationship between contemplative practice, culture, and society.
Contact: Ulrike Wiethaus, wiethaus@nullwfu.edu

Medicine Across the Disciplines
This seminar would bring together scholars working on medical topics in Sociology, Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Literature, Political Science, Chemistry, and Biology.
Contact: Simone Caron, caron@nullwfu.edu

Music and Political Power
A seminar exploring the power of music through historical perspectives to affect change in society, while nurturing activism on a global scale.
Contact: Pat Dixon, dixonpa@nullwfu.edu

Recognition Across Difference
This seminar explores philosophical, rhetorical, and political considerations of communication, identification, and recognition as it relates to diverse negotiations across aesthetic, socio/geo-political, and economic borders.
Contacts: Jimmy Butts and Belinda Walzer
buttsjm@nullwfu.edu; walzerbl@nullwfu.edu

Visual Culture in South Asia: Interdisciplinary Approaches
This seminar explores the approaches that different disciplines have brought to the study of the visual, and the role that it has played in the social and cultural history of South Asia from the ancient period to the present day.
Contact: Chanchal Dadlani, dadlani@nullwfu.edu