The Humanities Go Digital

In recent years the Humanities have exploded, literally and figuratively, into the world of digital media.  As support (and funding) for the Humanities falters across the globe* opportunities within the Digital Humanities continue to flourish, even grow.  Digital projects, such as Romantic CirclesNines, and our very own Digital Forsyth, take the computational rigor and resources that have long under-girded the sciences and applied them to the study of history, language, and culture.  Through digital portals humanists can access data and materials, and share research with other scholars and the general public in an instant.

* If this is news to you read this article about the status of Humanities scholarship in the UK, published by the Guardian in 2010.

Digital Humanities Initiative

Check out Wake Forest’s own Digital Humanities Initiative.

Articles about the Digital Humanities

‘Big Tent Digital Humanities,’ a View From the Edge, by William Pannapacker- The Chronicle of Higher Edu (part 2)

The Promise of Digital Humanities, by Steve Kolowich- Inside Higher Ed

The Landscape of Digital Humanities, by Patrik Svensson- Digital Humanities Quarterly

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