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In 2010, the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) commissioned a report concerning the expectations of employers regarding college graduates.  The report’s findings, entitled “Raising the Bar: Employers’ Views On College Learning In The Wake Of The Economic Downturn,” have important ramifications for the future of American education. Read More…

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Interesting Facts About Majoring in the Humanities:

  • Humanities majors were among the highest scoring cohort taking the MCAT, scoring well above the biological sciences, behavioral and social sciences, and specialized health sciences.  Their scores were comparable to those achieved by students in the physical sciences.
  • Medical research has increasingly focused on the connections between religion and health, forecasting a promising new area of investigation.
  • Humanities majors taking the GMAT did better, on average, than business majors and performed on the same level as social science and natural science majors.
  • Humanities majors out performed social science, and performed on level with engineering, math, and natural science majors on the LSAT.
  • Humanities majors ten years after graduation represent the most varied group when compared to social sciences, bio/phy sciences, and math/computer sciences. Keep your options open.
  • Humanities majors outperformed all other fields in the analytic writing category.  They also attained the highest GRE verbal scores, compared to four other academic fields, and exhibited the most balanced verbal-quantitative scores.
  • Humanities graduates enter jobs in a wide variety of fields, ranging from health occupations to sales to business and management.  See the occupations reported by a cohort of 2008 graduates or collected from a 10 year longitudinal study of 1993 graduates.

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