Hispanic Transatlantic Studies: A State of the Art Interdisciplinary Symposium


World MapIn recent years, transatlantic approaches to cultural production have gained increasing prominence within academic fields ranging from history and geography to literary studies.  Transatlantic studies represents a relatively new academic field which interrogates the connections forged across the Atlantic Ocean.  This model of inquiry utilizes the openess of the Atlantic world as an organizing principle for its scholarship, studying the region’s literature, politics and cultural production as manifestations of transnational interaction rather than expressions of particular national values or traditions.

This symposium, taking place April 19- 21, intends to showcase recent contributions to this emerging area of interdisciplinary interest. Supported by a wide range of sponsors, the event bring together scholars from across the nation and the world.  The symposium is jointly convened by José Luis Venegas (Wake Forest University) and José María Rodríguez García (Duke University) and will be hosted on the campus of Wake Forest University.

For more information visit the conference website.